Spring HR Training – Creativity, Innovation and Change Management (for Managers)

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The Reading Room at Les Cotils

£195 per person


Paul Beard

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There’s a reason we like to run this session in the Summer. It’s positive, it’s fun and we like to use the great outdoors if the weather allows!

A timely step away from HR practice, employment law and procedure to look at how we can use creative techniques to help solve problems, develop new products, innovate services and drive change. Feedback from numerous employee surveys tells us that management of change is commonly an area organisations struggle with (or, to put it another way, they struggle to bring people through it positively). If you’d like to learn more, this half day course is for you.

We’ll be including:

  1. The nature of creativity, innovation and change
  2. Why is it so hard?
  3. Is it really a ‘soft skill’?
  4. Suspending judgement and considering creative techniques
  5. The impact of cultures and sub-cultures (positive and negative)
  6. Essential precepts
  7. Introducing creative techniques – Facilitation Skills
    – Identifying the problem / issue
    – Clarifying and getting to the right question
    – ‘Left brain/right brain’ thinking
    – Impact of personality
    – Introducing and practising a range of techniques
    – Facilitating with impartiality, yet with direction
    – Summarising and drawing conclusions

    We’d like to say more, but for this session you’ll just have to come along and see what happens!

    This interactive event presented by Paul Beard our Training Partner, is taking place at Les Cotils. Aim to arrive for 8:15am, help yourself to the breakfast options provided and be seated ready for the training session to start at 8:30am.

    Tickets are £195 per person, with a selection of light breakfast options included.

    If you’d like to join us for this event please purchase your tickets below.

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