Work Permit & Immigration Applications

With the increasing difficulties in sourcing talent locally, we are both assisting with and seeing a large increase in vacancies being advertised and filled from outside of the island. With this comes the challenging process of completed work permits (previously right to work) and immigration applications to bring these new employees into the Island. This can also be the case where employing someone already in the island but where their permits are tied to their job.

In both cases, all non-local residents require either a short term (up to 12 months), medium term (5 years) or long term (8 years) employment permit issued through the Population Management department and where they are from outside of the UK, they may also require immigration clearance which is issued through the Guernsey Border Agency.

Population management have pre-existing policies set up for roles and industries which have been established as having a short fall in local resource due to their specific knowledge or skill requirements. Where the role you are recruiting for fits within a policy the application process is more straight forward and once submitted, approval in principal can be obtained allowing the employee to move to the island and commence work immediately. This process becomes more complex where it is an outside of policy application. If this is the first application being made or where one has not been done in 3 years and employers assessment will be required.

Immigration work permits are issued for a maximum of 5 years. This form, once completed, allows the employee entry into the island and will sit along there UK Visa application where required. This requires evidence of various documentation such as why the role could not be recruited for locally and what specific skills/knowledge the individual will bring to the island.

In addition to the costs of the employment permit and immigration work permit, both processes bring a heavy administrative burden. From processing these applications for our clients, we have become well versed in the preparation and completion of both employment permit applications and immigration work permits and are fully equipped to provide assistance  at all stages, from supporting in house HR departments in what information to provide to full administration and management of the processes, completing forms, compiling documentation, liaising with government etc.

Should you need any assistance or guidance in applying for an employment or work permit, we would be happy to assist you.

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