Training and Development

Employees are a business’s biggest asset. At Focus HR we can provide bespoke and tailored training courses to develop your people to where you need them to be.

Our training courses are designed to provide senior and new line managers with practical tools to take back into the workplace, providing value to the organisation through improved performance.

Motivating Employees Via Effective Objective Setting

Understand what forms part of employees motivation and leverage employee strengths through setting SMART objectives linked to company values and business plans.

Performance Management and the Capability Process

Understand performance management approaches and processes while learning how to effectively manage underperformance in a proactive manner. Learn how to pick up issues at an early stage.

Disciplinary and Investigation Processes

Learn how to hold a fair investigation, be able to identify when a matter becomes a disciplinary issue and how to conduct a disciplinary process and hearing.

Employment Legislation and Unfair Dismissal

Understand the legal requirements of employers and how this relates to the employment relationship, including commencement and dismissing employees fairly and in line with the law.

Managing Employee Wellbeing

Create tangible wellbeing plans to improve employee wellbeing and engagement while retaining top talent. Be able to identify the signs and causes of poor wellbeing and how to counteract them.

Handling Difficult Conversations and Employee Grievances

Learn to manage those hard conversations with employees to get the right results. When is a grievance a grievance and what is the appropriate process when faced with a grievance from an employee.

Recruitment and Selection

Learn to recruit the right people in terms of skills, competencies, values and fit with the organisation. Understand effective recruitment processes to understand candidates before making the all-important decision to employ.

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