Sarah Savident has qualified as a Mental Health First Aider

Sarah Savident, HR Consultant, is proud to have become a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

It is estimated that metal ill health costs UK employers £34.9 billion each year but simple steps to improve the management of mental health in the workplace will allow employers to save 30% or more of these costs.  Mental Health First Aid is an internationally recognised training course which teaches people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis.

The MHFA training course, facilitated by Guernsey Mind, is an intense two day training programme which includes:

  • Learning to raise awareness and mental health literacy
  • Reducing stigma around mental ill health
  • Boosting knowledge and confidence in dealing with mental health issues
  • Promoting early intervention which enables recovery.

The MHFA course has enabled Sarah to develop a toolkit to be able to identify mental health symptoms and provide support as necessary.

Sarah said  “I hope that the knowledge and skills I learnt will make a huge difference in both my personal and professional life. Giving people the tools to support themselves and each other, initiating conversations about mental health and encouraging people to seek help underpin wellbeing and positive mental health in the workplace.”

Improving the metal health of the workplace should be on the agenda of every employer and employee.

“Promoting a mentally healthy environment, stopping preventable issues and allowing people to thrive and become more productive becomes possible and surely this is what every employer would like to achieve.  Open conversations around metal health will break the stigma and encourage people to access support early, enabling a faster recovery.”

If you would like to know how Sarah can help your organisation and employees please contact Focus HR on 01481728824 or Sarah by email – [email protected].


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