Jersey Covid-19 Update: Managing Change and Potential Redundancies

Whilst we continue to weather the storm and the impacts of Covid-19 across our communities, unfortunately we have also seen a number of businesses being forced to make the strategic decision to downsize their workforce, largely driven by the economic impact of the pandemic.  Implementing any change is difficult and it is important to remember that this holds impacts to those not only facing redundancy, but also to those tasked with communicating the decision.   How an employer manages the process is vitally important.

From the initial planning stages, considering employee impacts and developing pools, finalizing selection criteria, communicating and consulting with all staff, not just those impacted and looking at ways to minimize redundancies through consideration of alternative roles, it can be a mind-field of activity that is difficult to navigate through.

There are additional considerations in response to employees working from home or who are directly impacted by Covid-19, which may also influence how you should approach certain scenarios, ensuring employers maintain a fair and consistent process throughout.

Alternatives to redundancy may be available such as short term contractual amends in hours or salary to enable the business to protect as many jobs as possible. Appropriate contractual variation procedures are to be undertaken to ensure that a breach of contract does not occur which could subsequently expose the business to a constructive unfair dismissal claim.

Focus HR have experienced consultants who are well versed in implementing change and where necessary, redundancies.  To help steer employers through what can be an extremely complex and challenging process, contact us for an initial free consultation to see how we may be able to support you.

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