Do What You Do Best – Outsource The Rest

Peter Drucker, considered by many as the father of management consulting, put it best when he said – “Do what you do best, outsource the rest”.

Outsourcing functions to other providers has now become a staple part of running a successful business with a school of thought out there thinking that if you deprive your business of considering outsourcing as an option and your competitors do not, you are putting your business at a disadvantage.

Helen Myers, Head of Focus Jersey shares her thoughts on the merits of outsourcing HR practices and considerations employers should take when looking to make the decision.


Does your HR team have the resources and skills to drive the people strategy and support the businesses short to medium term objectives? Would your HR/Management team or in some cases lone HR professional benefit from outsourced support?

Outsourcing HR practices is fast becoming the most efficient and effective route for large and small businesses alike.  It provides an opportunity to have access to a fully resourced HR function or a resource that can act as an extension to your current HR Team, providing additional technical expertise where and when needed. Outsourcing does not necessary mean replacing your existing HR team as is sometimes thought of when people hear the word outsourced.

So what are the benefits of Outsourcing HR?

  • It can provide your businesses with greater flexibility, bringing fresh and new insights to your internal work practices.
  • Maybe you already employ a highly-qualified HR professional to manage all HR activities but need additional support, or perhaps you feel your business is not large enough to warrant employing a permanent HR professional and you try and manage the day to day HR activity yourself.   Outsourcing HR can provide access to a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise at a time when you need it most.
  • It can help support business resilience and succession planning, particularly if there is only one person in the HR function or one person responsible for HR in the management team.
  • It can provide your business with an extra pair of hands to help manage significant change or recruitment activity during a period of growth. Or perhaps you need support with an HR initiative or project, or you may want support to undertake your annual HR spring clean!
  • An outside team can help bring objectivity and impartiality in helping with decision making.
  • It can also be helpful for conducting investigations, bringing an outside perspective in, or as a reference point to review processes and procedures prior to a final decision being undertaken, ensuring compliance with law and to understanding any risk exposures the business may be open to.
  • It can provide additional resources to coaching and supporting the learning & development of existing HR teams, supporting career development and growth and building internal talent

If your company undergoes any sort of measurable growth, you’ll appreciate why it is so important to get your HR strategy right.  HR is exacting, specialized and extensive and even companies with their own HR professionals often find that outsourcing some HR functions makes sense. The combination of saving money and gaining the peace of mind of knowing that all HR functions are carried out efficiently and compliantly is unbeatable in today’s ultra-competitive business world.  Failing to comply however, can have serious and expensive repercussions.

Interested in finding out more?

Whatever the need, the team at Focus can provide face to face support or work remotely to become your ‘Virtual’ HR Service across the Channel Islands.  We are a team of dedicated, experienced and friendly HR professionals, supporting our clients with a full range of HR Services that covers every aspect of the employee life cycle.   We offer a fully flexible, tailored package to suit any business size, sector or budget and we are the only HR Outsourcing service in the Channel Islands with offices in both Jersey & Guernsey.

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