Discrimination Legislation Update – Employment Relations and Tribunal Service Update

Improvements to the Employment Relations Service and Employment and Discrimination Tribunal are set to commence in the  new year. With the first phase of the legislation due to come into affect in 2022, the enhancements to both services are needed as soon as possible to be able to deliver and meet the requirements of the new legislation.

£245,000 has been set aside in the 2021 budget to expand the Employment Relations Service with additional staffing and training to support the implementation of the new legislation. During this time we will see the Employment Relations Service become the Employment and Equal Opportunities Service, to reflect its expanded remit. Similar enhancements are set for the Tribunal with the requirement to appoint legally qualified chairs to hear and adjudicate claims and training for the existing Tribunal Panel members on discrimination anticipated in the next 12-14 months.

Further work streams are planned to commence next year including the development of an “access to work” scheme which will provide support for adjustments that would other not be made.

More developments and updates are due next year which we will keep you posted on.

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