Internal Communication – Covid and Beyond


11:00am - 12:00pm

Interactive Webinar



Brooke Kenyon, Managing director, client services – Orchard PR

Linda Rolf, Director, Linda Rolf Associates

John Ioannou-Droushiotis, HR consultant, Focus HR

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Driving employee engagement for business survival and success.

In this time of great change, complexity and uncertainty a key driver of success – and indeed survival – for any organisation will be how well it communicates with and engages its own people.

Within a few short hours on Saturday 23 January, Guernsey went from normal life to lockdown. What does this mean for business leaders,  HR and communication professionals? How do you continue to communicate with and engage your people when you are all working remotely?

And what do you need to do for the longer term? With great internal communication in place your people are more likely to go the extra mile, they are more likely to continue working for you and they are more likely to recommend you to others. How well are you set up to succeed?

In this interactive webinar for business leaders, senior managers, HR and communication professionals we will cover:

  • The people context – what lockdown means for employee well-being, engagement and productivity
  • The ways in which great internal communication drives employee engagement and business success.
  • The critical role of the employer as a mainstay of trust in troubled times
  • Communicating and engaging in a pandemic
  • The key ingredients of great internal communication

Your speakers

Brooke Kenyon, Managing director, client services – Orchard PR

Brooke has responsibility for managing client teams and setting Orchard’s strategy for providing PR services to a diverse client base. Brooke is a CIPR Chartered practitioner and has a touchpoint in all of Guernsey’s significant industries and has practical experience of working with financial services stakeholders especially.

Linda Rolf, Director, Linda Rolf Associates

Linda led international PR then internal communication and employee engagement, and finally professional PR for Specsavers over a 20-year period. Before that she spent 12 years in NHS PR. She is the author of Internal communications: poor relation or powerhouse?, published in Chartered Public Relations. Lessons from Expert Practitioners, Kogan Page, 2015

John Ioannou-Droushiotis, HR consultant, Focus HR

John has extensive knowledge in employment relations and HR having worked in, and overseen, the Employment Relations and Tribunal Service. While with the States of Guernsey hesupported department managers and employees with employment matters and as part of the Discrimination Legislation project he developed the future model of the Employment & Discrimination Tribunal. John is a trained conciliator and dispute resolution professional.

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