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Paul Beard

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3.5 Hour – Management Diversity and Inclusion Course (for anyone with Line Management/training responsibility)

  • Introductions
  • Objectives
    • To ensure everyone understands the Company’s expectations around dignity at work and an inclusive workplace
    • To ensure that everyone understands the importance of inclusion from a customer perspective
    • To ensure compliance with the law
    • Introducing the topic
    • The D&I Quiz – Talking through the answers to this raises awareness of the law, begins to unpick some of the complexities and challenges and starts the conversation about handling difficult situations
    • Cases in perspective
    • A run through a wider range of key cases showing how the Courts and Tribunals look at Diversity and Inclusion litigation, the risks and the potential outcomes
  • What it means in practice
    • The risks of NOT managing proactively
    • A short action planning session focussing on working with others AND the implications for customers
  • Responsibilities regarding Diversity and Inclusion when managing staff
    • Practical responsibilities – setting the culture – leading the way
    • Specific responsibilities around promoting Diversity and Inclusion and handling difficult situations – focus on ‘managing’ rather than ‘fight, flight, freeze’ type reactions
  • What to do when it goes wrong
    • Handling conflict (or potential conflict) arising from a colleague or customer feeling their rights have been compromised
    • Dealing with an ‘incident’; considering the public relations element; standing up for what is right in a customer service environment 
    • Turning things around where possible – to promote the Company’s brand image … BUT being prepared to stand up to the unreasonable
  • Action Planning and further support

This training course will be run in association with our Training Partner, Paul Beard. Since 2007 Paul has worked with a wide variety of clients in Guernsey and Jersey, bringing with him a wealth of experience as an ACAS Conciliator from hundreds of business clients, both private and public sector.

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