Discrimination Legislation Update

In July 2020, the States unanimously approved proposals for a new Discrimination Ordinance to be introduced in two phases. The first phase will cover the grounds of disability, carer status, race, sexual orientation and religious belief. The Ordinance, which is currently being drafted, will make discrimination on the basis of any of these grounds in employment, in the provision of goods, services and accommodation, and in the membership of clubs and association unlawful.

Preparations for the implementation of phase one of the new multi-ground Discrimination Ordinance is underway with the formation of a Discrimination Legislation Stakeholder Group. The Group met for the first time in February 2021 and is aimed to provide a vehicle for continuous feedback to the Committee for Employment & Social Security on their plans for implementing the vast body of work involved with bringing the Discrimination Ordinance into legal and practical fruition.

The Group includes representatives from business, private schools, hospitality, employment law, landlords, as well as representatives of the grounds of protection that will be included in Phase 1 of the Ordinance being disability, carer status, race, sexual orientation and religious belief. The meeting focused on identifying training and information requirements which will aim to take place towards the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022, ahead of the implementation of legislation later in 2022.

The drafting of the new Discrimination Ordinance has also been given high priority status for legal drafting and drafting is underway.

Focus HR has approached the Committee to be included in the stakeholder group and will keep you informed of progress on the developments of the ordinance.


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